Dodo Toys combines high quality and excellent illustrations for all children, educational games and puzzles. The whole team, from illustrators to production technologists, is convinced that the game, along with its sleek design, the European quality and its educational aspect, should be available to every child.
They are always happy for the comments and wishes of the audience and are open to criticism and comments.

The object:

Dodo Toys & Puzzles brings to Greece a fun way of learning with children, educational games and puzzles, for children of age 3 years and over. Her games and puzzles, are intended to help the child develop their skills.
– Problem Solving
– Development of fine motor skills
– Hand and eye coordination
– Socialization
– Self esteem

Dodo Toys & Puzzles consists of the following series:

– Puzzles (Puzzle from 16 until 120 pieces with special themes and designs)
– Puzzle Duo (Educational puzzles of various topics with two pieces.)
– Mini Puzzles (Small in puzzle dimensions – 32 Pieces)
– 2, 3, 4 Elements (6 puzzle, 2 with 2 Pieces, 2 with 3 pieces and 2 with 4 Pieces – all in one package)
– 4 in 1 (4 puzzle in a package with 12, 16, 24 and 32 Pieces)
– Mini Memo Games (Memory games with small round cards.)
– Puzzle with frame (Puzzle with ready frame and auxiliary lines – special cut)
– Scratch (Painting in his own way “scratch”. Scratching the black surface, many beautiful colors appear.)

All children's educational toys & puzzles have many beautiful, bright colors and cute design suitable for children.