Children love baby toys. If you doubt why’ this, just take your child to a toy store. He will choose some things and will feel that he cannot live without them.

Toys are more than just fun for kids. They are given the opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time, without even realizing it. Good play is the best way to get the child's attention, to spark his imagination and encourage him to interact with others.

Children learn a lot from toys. When you give your child educational toys and participate in his play, then the strong bond between parent and child develops, while learning while having fun. It's the best way to maintain what you are learning and to have a positive attitude towards learning.

Babies and Toys

Babies are eager to learn about the world around them and have a lot to learn. Each new shape, colour, texture, taste and sound is an educational experience for’ that's all. Giving the baby baby toys, which is safe and attractive, will encourage him to discover his senses. Rattles and toys that produce music are their favorites. Τα παιχνίδια με αντιθέσεις χρωμάτων είναι συναρπαστικά για τα μωρά και τα βοηθά να αναπτύξουν την όρασή τους. As they grow older they use toys to investigate the stability of objects and the relationship between cause and effect.. They need toys, such as bricks, to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.