About Oikopen Statement of Privacy
How We Use Your Information

The Oikopen (D. Charistos - D. Gousis Co.) import company and owner of the website www.egifts.gr – hereinafter called Oikopen, uses your personal data to provide you with access to requested products. If you have consented to be contacted by email, by selecting the Agree button in this e-mail, the Oikopen may use your information to send you additional information material to help you make orders, and transactions with our company, but also general information – material about the properties of our products, the marketing policies and promotion of our goods. This includes:

  • New or improved products and services
  • Product display tools
  • lists, Price lists, Brochures and Instruction Manuals
  • Update on our publications (press / social media) and Articles
  • Contests, Offers and Advertisements
  • Of the balance of your account and your orders
  • Anything we think your concerns regarding the scope of our work and will help you, directly or indirectly, upgrading visibility and increase sales of our products through your own company (warehouse or retail store).

You have the option to stop receiving our e-mail updates at any time, selecting the relevant link Delete to the end of each e-mail.

Other information

We do not sell or lend your personal data to third parties. However, we may share your information in order to have access to a product or service. If you previously registered on one of our lists, acceptance of e-mail updates (ή Newsletter account) or by direct request on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and whatever else comes up in the future , we share your information for viewing both the public interest and based on the method of interaction.

We may retain your data for longer than 5 years after the possible end of our cooperation, for any reason (legal, accounting or regulatory in general) and in such case we will ensure that your personal data will be used only for the purposes:

  • The new negotiation of our cooperation
  • General information products and services that we think you are interested and as mentioned above.

You reserve the right to request more or less information, however please be advised that we may not be able to fulfill your request due to legal and / or regulatory requirements.

Oikopen is a constantly growing, innovative and reliable company and, They use any means to support customers tis._